Search Engine Question

I didnt really know where to post this, but you guys seem to be well rounded hereso I figuered ya’ll could handle it. My question is simple… how do you get it so that your site comes up as one of the results on search engines. Say for instance if I go to and type in Kirupa, this site would come up. How do I get it so that my site will come up with whatever words. Do metatags control that?
Thank you

:slight_smile: It is Kirupa, of course he has a tutorial explaining this…

Just read up on that and it will let you know about submitting your site to search engines.

I submitted my site using Just click their link for Free Top 10. It will submit your site for free to the top 10 search engines. If you want more you can pay for their submission of your site to more, but the Top 10 is really all you need.