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I’ve read and applied the tutorials for using css to z-index relevant content underneath the movie (span class) but have two questions:

1: Can’t figure out how to center the movie. I was using the (div align=“center”> tag before but the <span class> tag takes it’s place, I believe. The text behind is white (background too) so that’s not a problem as no one can see it.

2: What’s the difference between this method and just adding in the relevant text in the movie (several loadMovie .swfs) to the “<-- text used in the movie” area? seems like that could work too, but maybe the spiders ignore it when indexing.

Thanks, great help from everyone so far. I need to spend more time here returning the favor (if I can!)


Hey John!

Did you ever solve this problem? I have the exact same problem… I want to be able to center the flash movie in the span while keeping the text in the back ground underneath so search engines can hopefully pick up the site better.

Thanks for any response.
:nerd: centers div’s

and I’m truly amazed at how many times I answer this question!

search people, search!

and it’s not nice to hide text… simply bad taste :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: