Search feature


I’ve been looking around the net for scripts or help about adding a search feature to a website that will search the websites’ content to find matches. I’m working on a site that has a lot of document type things, and I think it would be necessary to have a search option on there somewhere so people can find what they are looking for quickly if they have overlooked it.

Does anyone know a script that’s fairly simple and easy to use I could add to my site?



Maybe this is what you are looking for???

Flash and Search Engines

hmmm… I think I want something more in the form of html…

But thank you anyway Cyan :smirk:

try this out,

argh…that’s really good…but I want one that will enable visitors to search the content of MY site… something that won’t need cgi…

after a little searching, i found this

yes! I think that’s what I need…

thanks again for your help Alex :slight_smile:

no problem, if you need any other help, just ask

So, this was not the Flash specific question after all, eh??? :angry: =)

No… I thought that it would be okay posted under Scripting seeing as it was more of a html question…

Yup… Nothing wrong with that… I am just suprised myself why I had thought that was the Flash question automatically… Know what I mean??? :beam: