Searchable Databases - how do I make it all work!?

Hello everyone, I am in desperate need of some help here! I have been given a project to complete and I am the worst canididate to do it, buuut I’m also the only one they have to help with it so I said I would.

I am needing to build an HTML form to fit into an old website where the user can search up all kinds of information from an access database. I know they should change it from access, but they refuse to SO I have to be able to allow the user to enter the website…search up the info and have the results returned.

I have the page built, no problem. The problem begins when I need to accumulate their input from the form and send it to the database, and then return the results in a new page. How in the hell do I do that!?!

I am using dreamweaver 8 to build - I don’t know of any features in it that can help me out…do I need to build some sort of PHP script? PERL maybe? Are there any examples out there online anyone knows of? My searches are coming up somewhat dry - and I just don’t know what I’m doing with building scripts like PHP or PERL.

If it will help - the webpage with the search fields is located at [COLOR=#333333][/COLOR].

I am sorry for being such a beginner on all of this, but they sprung it on me out of no where and I have no time to lose on getting it built so I can keep my job! I really appreciate any help at all.

Thanks so much,