Searching for actionscripters

I got a lot of responses from the first post made… this is the remix, I need people from Canada and specifically Toronto.

Akio Designs ([color=#22229c][/color]) is now hiring student or intermediate flash actionscripters who would like to increase their ability and build their portfolio by helping create dynamic and impressive flash sites.

Akio Designs is based in Toronto, Canada, and would prefer actionscripters from here to make communication and working together easier. If you are an EXCELLENT scripters we will make an exception.

Pay is $20/hour (Canadian Dollars). Pay will also depend on your ability.

Please contact Danielle or Natasha at 416-603-6665 or [u][color=#22229c][email protected][/color][/u]

This offer is open until August 5th 2004.

I’m experienced with Actionscript and so far have been able to accomplish anything I attempt. I don’t have any major experience due to a lack of years, however I do have some small experiements that I have done here as well as my forum, which is also listed there. I also have extensive experience in PHP developing mainly content managment systems working with a MySQL database.

If your interested email me at jim_at_hotmail_dot_com[at]hotmail[dot]com


I am a 2 years experienced in AS . I have a strong background in realisation of AI, crypto algorythms in AS