Secure Flash?

Hrm is there a way that a hacker person or whatever can get passwords from a flash file, thats been protected from import and been protected w/ a pw at publishing? And if there is, how do I make it where they can’t.

there will be always someone or some group of people trying to do that kind of stuff. There are those nasty progs that open swf to fla back and people can see their work [as only] but i wouldnt worry too much. Why would they do it in the first place?

for those hackers: GEt YOUR Own STUFF! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well somone has actually done it, so I need to fix it I suppose some how, or close the site down =/

someone did it? let me hava look at what your talking about/url

if like its on a host then change the url… i dnno but let me see if i can helpu futher

think I fixed it thanks :slight_smile:

ohh ok nw then

yes I placed the front page as a fake one so they can set up, and when they pay they are sent the real link, not the most secure thing, but at leaste they got to pay to hack it lol

well if you protected it and everything they just could have used
AS viewer (i hate that thing)
and just look for the file that holds the passwords or whatever i think you should use php and use some kind of encrytion
,but im not really a sever side kind of guy

sad thing is I know zip bout php =[ however I know my host does support it =[

php is a more secure a btter way to protect stuff. Especially with some sites with login scripts, php and mysql, and like you guys, im not into php, too much jibberish :stuck_out_tongue:

but php is a excellent for security

do you know if I can just buy somones secure php code? :slight_smile:

i dont know about “buying” php coding. People learn it so if you post a new thread, someone who knows more about php can help you. i dont know why someone is trying to destory your work and like i said, learning php is very time consuming if u dnt know **** ol.