Security problems :(

This might not be the right part of the forum to ask this but i’m getting desperate lol

Its a problem with my internet connection i think…i can connect to the internet and browse most websites and even get on to hotmails homepage but when i try login i get the error page:

"The page cannot be displayed"

[color=black]The page you are looking for is currently unavailable. The Web site might be experiencing technical difficulties, or you may need to adjust your browser settings.[/color]

This has happened with gmail, the O2 online shop and a few other secure sites…Any one any ideas how to fix this problem??


This has happened to me a couple of times John. It maybe your internet connection from your isp. Has this happened before? The more sites you go to, the page unavailable comes up? One way if you would like to maybe fix this problem is use System Restore which will set your computer back to previous settings. However, you said on secure sites. Are you behind a firewall or such?

This could also be a viris that your viris protection couldn’t get like this happened to me and my dads freind and we couldn’t log onto msn or yahoo anything secure, but AVG couldn’t find anyvirises nor could spybot find any trojans and you ahd to find it on te internet.

No, never had this problem before…I’ve tried sys restore but still no luck. I recently installed a firefall (norton personal firewall) but even with it disabled it wont let me access the sites, will downloading the “high encryption pack” for IE from microsoft do anything?

EDIT: I also cannot log into MSN messenger, how did you get rid of your virus?

ok I know a lot of you saw this coming so I might as well be the one to say it:

Try Mozilla :stuck_out_tongue:

ive tried mozilla…for some reason i cant access any page at all :s

Broswers tried:

IE: cant view secure pages
Mozilla firefox: Can’t view any pages
Opera: Can’t view any pages
Netscape: Can’t view any pages

Not looking good lol

Try deleting your cookies and emptying your cache. You’d be amazed at how just doing those 2 things work. I had a similar problem but with paypal and when asked they told me to delete my cookies and the problem disappeared.

Ok I have two possibilties, virus or isp connection. You have had similar problems like me John as well as msn not being able to log on. What happen with me was that i could connect to the internet but when trying to view/access sites, my isp 's servers were probably not working. This would also affect msn since it accesses the internet. Now what happen to me was that i waited the next day and well, everything worked again. However it could also be a virus. Since signifer said avg couldnt find any, use Norton AntiVirus and run a full system scan. Whatever you have rants about Norton (if you have any) dismiss them for this moment and run the scan.

Unforuntaely on my end, I reverted back to Norton today after having AVG for only 2 days. I had 46 viruses and it couldnt get rid of a few. Ive aslo ran into a problem with Norton 2004 pro as well. Seems when i get up to the part where you can select and set user accounts and privacy control, after that the application does not seem to load (meaning i keep clicking the application but nothing happens).

If anyone could help John please do, as well as me if you can tell my problem as well.

Are you guys on a mac? what operating system are you using?


what operating system are you running?

go to the command prompt

start menu - run - “command” or “cmd”

black DOS box -

type ping and let me know the results



and let me know if it times out or if you see a MS reading above 100

if you see one above 100 let me know.

Wild shot, but if you’re running XP, XP has its own built in firewall that can definitely screw things up. Right click your connection in Network Connections from the Control Panel and goto Properties, followed by the Autentication tab and uncheck everything there and also uncheck the box under Advanced tab which will disable the windows firewall.