Security Sandbox Violation with XML Link

I am trying to modify the squirrel finder xml sample by adding links within the xml file…below is the code i used in the FLA to call the link, however i am getting a “Security Sandbox Violation - Halted Not Permitted by file …” any thoughts? I tried using the files live and local and i get nothing…

var squirrel_xml = new XML();
squirrel_xml.ignoreWhite = true;

squirrel_xml.onLoad = function(success){
if (success) CreateMenu(this);
else trace(“Error loading XML file”);

var item_spacing = 28;
var item_count = 0;

function CreateMenu(menu_xml){

var items = menu_xml.firstChild.firstChild.childNodes; 
for (var i=0; i<items.length; i++) {
	if (items*.attributes.type == "squirrel") { 
		var species = items*.firstChild;
		var location = items*.childNodes[1];
		link = items*.childNodes[2];
		var item_mc = menu_mc.attachMovie("menu_itemz","item"+item_count, item_count);
		item_mc._y = item_count * item_spacing;
		item_mc.species_txt.text = species.firstChild.nodeValue;
		item_mc.main_btn.location_text = location.firstChild.nodeValue;
		item_mc.main_btn.onRelease = function() {
		getURL(link, "_blank");