Select query

Can somebody help me with this mysql query i’m trying to make.
I want to select everything from a table, but that row, where 2 columns have a certain value (both together), as in: if both the entry in column 1 is ‘something’ AND entry in column2 is ‘something’ , don’t select that row? An example: if i have a table with products, and the columns in the table are productid, quantity, out of production , etc… I want to get all the info from the table, but the products that have 0 ‘quantity’ and Y in ‘out of production’(caz there’s no point in showing those to customers). I got the suggestion in another forum for that:
select * from table
(column = ‘0’ and othercolumn!=‘Y’) or
(column != ‘0’ and othercolumn = ‘Y’)
but it didn’t work, maybe i’m doing something wrong, no idea, total newb.