Self reloading issue... Need Help!

I posted this on, have emailed various people, went through numerous trial and error myself and alas… the problem still exists. The worst part, the only people who see it happening are myself, my boss, my client and a few other people. When I’m trying to find help with the issue no one sees it. Of course…

::the background::

I’ve created a site for my company’s client,

I’ve made a main page (main navigation, side information, header and loader) specifically to be used as a template to load all the external swf files. This main page is what is placed inside the html document before going to the server.

The preloader is a standard preloader and I’ve been using McTween to create all the animation throughout the entire project.

::the issue::

Every so often, with no rhyme or reason, when clicking a link in the main navigation (home, products, what’s new, gallery etc.) it actually reloads the entire main template and goes right back to what is considered the “home” page. I can’t find any reason for this to be happening. It happens at any point during the external movie being loaded in, usually just before it finishes it’s animation— then bam… back to start.

::steps to correct the problem::

I’ve changed the preloader 3 times, changed the way in which the loader is handled, removed the “#include” script for McTween from all movies but the main template, relinked the files. It’s a very simple script to load these movies and a very simple preloader on top of that.

I’m really at a loss here, and it’s a major function issue for me right now. I can’t find the answer, I’ve asked everyone and I’m still dealing with this…

any words of wisdom… I’m desperate at this point, someone please help–:q: