Send back an emptymovieclip

hey yo guys! as always let me thank you for all your help in advance!! you always help me a lot!! and i hope someone can help me with this also…

here is my problem. i have a flash secction in html site… in this flash section should go the navagation menu and also like a photo gallery… i already have the menu and this menu is kinda transparent so the loaded photos swfs should load back of this menu… im trying to do this using the following code:

loadMovie("pic2.swf", "container");
container._x = 0.0;
container._y = 0.0

the problem is tha the pic2.swf is loading in front of the menu. does anybody know who should i make this swf file loads in tha back of all.???

i’ll really appreciate your help!!
thnx and regards!

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