Send e-mail with flash?

Hi ! \r\rcould someone help me how to send a e-mail with flash? \r\r\r\r

You’ve got to use PHP or ASP. Which one does your server support is the first question. If your answer is PHP, I can give you the source right now. If your answer is ASP, well, I can’t.\rpom0]

no… \r\rlook… go to\r\rand that… i would like in flash? \r\rIs that possible ? :slight_smile: \r\rDreamflash

no… look…\r\rgo to\r\ris that possible in flash? \r\rDreamflash

It’s possible. On my site :\…ileur.html\rBut it involves Flash + server-side scripts.\r0] pom

could you send me the .fla file ? pleasz?\r\rDreamflash

No problemo but first you have to check that your server supports PHP.\rpom 0]

Silly me : I’ve got the two versions. Grab it here :\…\rpom 0]