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How can I move the vibrating circles to the back so it does not cover the menu bar:q: See [url=“”]HERE

Make sure it is on a new layer drawn after the menu was drawn

nope, I have it on a seperate layer, HERE is the .fla if anyone wants to try to figure it out.:hr:

I tried to do something there quickly but I’m busy so I havn’t the time to do it properly, but I checked it there and it works. I suppose it’s and awkward way to do it but load the circle externally. Put your menu in one swf file then the circle in another. Create a new symbol (movie clip) in one of the swf’s then tell it to load the other swf into that… do you know what I mean?

is your menu set at full opacity?

Fixed… this deals with depths in the Actionscript stuff. Just do swapDepths(depth) and put a high number if you want it below. It is attached.

thx alot, it works, I’m a newbie at this :sigh: