Send variables from flash to php without reloading the page

I know there were many messages posted regarding sending variables from flash to php. But I am facing a problem. I wrote a small code where in I used send() method of LoadVar object, it sends the message but it reloads the php page which I do not want it to do. I tried using sendAndLoad() and here it does not send any variable at all. Below is my sample code. Please can anyone tell me where I am going wrong

PHP code: (recieve.php)
$s = “12”;
$r = $_POST[‘name’];
echo $r;
<embed name=“move” src=“static.swf” height=250 width=250 play=“false” loop=“false” quality=“high”>

Flash code:
c = new LoadVars();
c.onLoad = function() { trace(this.s); }; = “xyz”;
x.sendAndLoad(“receive.php”, c, “POST”);