I have been searching and looked at the tutorials, but it doesnt write so much of how to send a variable and load it when success.
I have 2 dynamic texts in flash.
one is names as poemId and the other as poem_title.

depending of the poemId different poemTitles will be loaded.
So I want to send the poemId to a php file and when it has sent successfully I want to recieve the file from the phpfile.
Since I am good at php it was easy for me to do the php-part. But my problem is how do I the Flash part?

I have made this but it doesnt work, would apprecite all kind of help… thanx…

loadPoemId = new LoadVars()
loadPoemId.sendAndLoad(“php/read_poem.php”, loadPoemId, “GET”);
loadPoemId.onLoad = function(success) {
if (success) {
// trace(success);
//read from php -> flash
getPoemId = new LoadVars();
getPoemId.ref = this;
getPoemId.onLoad = function() {
poem_titel = this.poem_titel;