Sending Variables to ASP page

Okay, I know how to do this basically… cept I’m having difficulties. I have 4 scenes… Scene 1 and 2 send 1 variable each to my ASP page and the variables are defined in frame 1. My ASP page receives those variables fine. Scene 3’s variables are input text boxes and are also sent fine. Scene 4 is what I’m having problems with… I am using the Flash UI component checkboxes and if i define a test variable in frame 1, then the value is sent, but it is always false since that’s the initial value. I tried putting the variable definition in frame 2, but then no values are sent… i have tried putting my LoadVariablesNum code into frame 2 and frame 3 with this solution and neither one worked… How can I transmit my checkbox variables to my ASP page?

Hey Katirana… how’s that project coming along?\r\rSounds like you need the equivalent of a submit button. That way you could send your checkbox value at that time. Otherwise, as you say… you’ll never really know if the user meant to leave the box unchecked or if the value simply returned false. \r\rSo, after submit/calculate/process (whatever you want to call it) make your call and pass it to the page…\r\rhope it works.

yeah i have a submit button. should i define the variables on the release of the submit button then? i will try that. :slight_smile:

And the project is coming along. Lol it is soooo complicated… You have 2 building types (steel and fiberglass). then you have like 9 building sizes. then you have 4 sides for each size… and each side has its own options lol. i am hoping to finish by friday. most of the “hard” logic is done. the most difficult logic i have left to do is like if they go back into a building side that they’ve already designed, i need to make a call from the database to repopulate their building side with the options they chose… other than that it’s copy and paste lol. except for a few minor things like this problem i came across :wink:

That worked. i think i have been working on this project too much lately!!! (like full time for the past 2 weeks) lol. that was something i should have thought of! :slight_smile: thanks nonetheless. i can breath easier and erase a “to do” item off my black board hehe.