Sending XML data with flash (help me on this one )

Hello and thanks for looking at this thread.

im Currently in a situation where i do not know what i can do.

im building this Quiz game for a client, and that in it self is simple as simple can be.
BUT. requested have it been to have a Admin function. and that is also rather simple (if u already know the basics of FLash and XML together, and some ASP. hehe).

so my setup is like this.

its a multiple choice Quiz game.

i have some dynamic textfields in the flash document(these beeing the question and the answers). that gets its data from an XML. this XML is called in flash by pointing to a ASP page, and that page determins wich xml to load (i.e the admin can have more xmls/ quizeses at a time) then i have custom made check boxes, which, when clicked, calls for some other data in the xml, and that is the string of the anwser the user chose. that data then gets parsed to a variable. so i can only have one anwser at a time. then i have a ASP page which can check if the string that is chosen is the correct answer. BUT how do i parse the variable data (the one that contains the chosen answer string) out of flash and on to a third ASP page wich stores this data in a second XML document?

the .sendAndLoad and .send functions apperantly only works for XML data already in flash… so do i create a XML varialbe INSIDE flash (not having a .xml file seperately outside the .swf) and tell that XML variable to equal the string in the chosen answer variable? and then send THAT xml somehow? or… is it possible at all…

the good news is that my function to call different xmls using the same function WORKS! gratz to me! (using xmldata.load(“linkhere.asp” + xmldataType); where xmldataType is the variable on my ASP page! it actually works so for an example u can have ONE .swf file that has this code in it (and all the dynamic texts ofcourse) and then call the flash with different content by using:
and to change the contents in the quiz u just change the link extension (ex. ?xml=quiz2, ?xml=quiz3 ect)

great huh? if i could just get the last little thing to work it would be the BANGER app. also note that u can have many data in that way! (imagine creating games in swf getting ?UserNamer= userSomethi&?UserLevel=3) it really works!