sendMail function

I created 2 input text for Name and Email called respectively text 01 and text 02, with and as variables.

In my action layer, I implemented this:

formData = new LoadVars(); = “”; = “”;
formData.recipient = “[email protected]”;
formData.redirect = “”;
replyData = new LoadVars();
replyData.onLoad = MyOnLoad;

in my function layer, I implemented this:
function clearData() { = “”;
text01.text = “”; = “”;
text02.text = “”;
function sendMail() {
formData.sendAndLoad(“”, replyData, post);

The clearData function works but the sendMail function does not, and I do not get why ??.

When I push the submit button for the form, it does not go to the redirect page located here :

and of course I do not get the info in my email

If anybody can SEE my mistake, I am over this for 3 days now and cannot find any answer. Thanks.