Separating the Thumbnails from the Photo Album

This is my first post here, and I’m going to start right off with a question!

After doing kirupa’s photo album and thumbnail tutorials (which really helped me out, so thanks greatly for that), I want to implement this in a site I’m working on.
However, there is a change I need to make.

What I want: The thumbnails for the gallery (but not the larger image) must be visible on all pages. When one of them is clicked, you will go to the corresponding larger image in the photo gallery.

What I’ve been able to get is this;
(note: there are no pages other than the initial page and the photo album, its still a WIP)

It’s close to what I want it to behave like, the only problem is that each thumbnail simply links to the full gallery .swf, which always starts at the first photo in the list.

I have thought of using a single .swlf and resizing the stage when a thumb is clicked, but thats not a very elegant solution. Besides, it might not even be possible.

Is there a way to make it so that when you click a link in the ‘thumbnails only’ swf, it will link to the corresponding large image in the ‘full album’ swf? Or is there maybe another way to approach this whole ordeal?

Id be grateful for any reply