Seperate Bullet Trajectories

I am trying to create a ship that releases bullets when one presses the space bar. The position of the bullets is randomized but within the space under the ship, so it appears that they emerge from it in essentially a stream around 20 px wide. The bullets emerge perpendicularly from the ship.

Here’s the problem: When one turns the vessel, the bullets (en masse) begin to move in the same trajectory as the most recently released bullet.

I’d rather not send/post the swf or fla, (I can if necessary). I have attached a picture showing my problem. (Duh, below.)

The code:

function init() {
	i = 0;
function fire() {
	i += 1;
	randomizerX = random(20);
	randomizerY = random(14);
	var newname = "bullet"+i;
	BULLET = _root.attachMovie("bullet", newname, i+3);
	BULLET._x = this.ship._x+randomizerX;
	BULLET._y = this.ship._y+randomizerY;
	Bx = Math.sin((this.ship._rotation+90)*Math.PI/180);
	By = Math.cos((this.ship._rotation+90)*Math.PI/180);
	BULLET.onEnterFrame = function() {
		this._x += Bx*8;
		this._y += By*-8;
_root.onLoad = function() {
_root.onEnterFrame = function() {