Serious Frustration! Can someone help with XML?

Hi all.

I am suffering from a 5 day frustration issue with my menu.

The situation is that I purchased a menu (from Oxylus) and can’t seem to get any response through their “support” forum. Days have passed, and now the weekend is upon us.

I menu is now as I want it, but I can’t figure out how to get swf’s to load into a holder on the stage of my file - all I have currently is external links, as shown in the code.

There is no code in the Actions of the menu file, everything is in the XML and 4 .as files.

Can anyone tell me in REALLY simple terms what to do? I would appreciate it so much. XML sample code below.



<button title="Portfolios" toggleSubMenu="1" url="" target="_blank">
			<subButton title="Support" url="" target="_blank"> </subButton>
			<subButton title="About Us" url="" target="_blank"> </subButton>
			<subButton title="Services" url="" target="_blank"> </subButton>
			<subButton title="Client List" url="" target="_blank"> </subButton>
			<subButton title="Our Portfolio" url="" target="_blank"> </subButton>
			<subButton title="Company Info" url="" target="_blank"> </subButton>