Serious help needed: Flash Game

hey guys

i’ve been trying to do this on my own but am not getting anywhere within the time frame i’ve got… yea i got a dateline for this lil’ project i need serious help with!:crying:

i basically am trying to re-create >this game<

but hopefully i can get it to a level of sophistication required by my prof.

so far, i’ve made the movie symbols as needed, and have successfully gotten the movieclip to follow the mouse around. but it’s going everywhere the mouse wants… i need to lock the movement of the mouse on the horizontal axis (x axis) . how do i do that with the actionscript ?

next thing i would have to do is actionscript for randomness of the ‘spitting out’… how do i go about getting started on that ?

hoping someone or some could offer your assistance for this entire project, or im screwed bad… thanks for reading !