Serious key trouble

Hi all! :slight_smile:

I have this maze, with a dot (player), moving on keypress (Key.isDown function).

When I run it on any other machine than my own, the movie itself slows down and pauses when i hold down the key… :frowning:

And as soon as I let go, it resumes playing… until i press a key again… then slows down, and pauses…

WHY?? This is seriously PMO… :scream:

Hey eilsoe,
Would it be possible for you to post the SWF up? I would like to see how it runs on my comp. Have you tried using the key method for a button:

on (keyPress "<Down>") {

I found that to work, but you are treading on waters that I have yet traveled over :slight_smile: I am still stuck in the Flash 5 AS world, so you may want to take my advice lightly!

Kirupa :hat:

Hi Kir!

check if it runs here…:

I’ll just try that keypress… if it works…

I dunno what i’ll do… :stuck_out_tongue:

scream i think… lol

The phreaky thing is, that THIS one works:

(pom will recognize this :P)

it’s tha same goddammit code…!


Giveusakiss huh? :stuck_out_tongue:


My little maze… tears in the eyes

It’s grown… =)


Proud of what you did, yeah :cowboy:

Check it again pom, you should be able to move right this time…

Different controls, I see… And there’s not enough time!! It’s impossible to finish :*(

Hehe, i know :slight_smile:

I’m boosting the time to 120 seconds soon… that should be enough.

All i need now is a transition from the game scene to the selection scene. Animations for the vac blowing up, and one for the vac burning.

And finally some sounds…

Then it’s done :slight_smile: