Server side filename changer

I was wondering if it is possible to get a script which would change the name of a file before downloading.

I have no idea how to code in php or anything but basicallly what i’m looking for is a script which would take the url of a .zip or .rar or whatever and change it to a specified file format. Basically i’m having trouble with my college proxy server, getting files from sites (inlcluding The proxy blocks files with a .zip extension, so i cant download things like source files. The only hope i have is if the file is offered as a basic unzipped .fla, because the college does not block these.

If i could find a script which could take the url of the file, convert it to something which i could specify (through a text box or something) then i could download the file and change the name on my computer. It can’t be anything like .txt because for some reason i can’t rename files with extensions that windows recognises. ( i know how to fix this but the college wont allow it)

Any help greatly appreciated :smiley:

PS. no zip files please, see above :stuck_out_tongue: