Session id appended to url

I am using php 4.3.5 and session use_trans_sid is set to ‘ON’.
I can’t touch the php.ini file, and can’t add any additional htaccess file stuff.

I have a ‘home’ page with a session_start, that I use to see if someone has a session var called ‘logged_in’ that gets set in an interior page. But when someone comes to the page for the very first time, they get the session ID automatically added to any url they choose.

I would like this to not happen, I don’t want them bookmarking a long URL, is there a way, within my requirments, to only stop the session ID from getting passed in the URL?

Also, once the session_id is passed to the URL once the first time, it disappears, but the problem is, that the link that it gets set to, is the link I am guessing the majority of my viewers will bookmark.