Sessions = amfphp class = DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS IE

I’ve encountered a very strange problem that only occurs one Internet Explorer on Windows.

I have a pretty intense program that uses amfphp remoting w/ actionscript 2.0. The program works great in all newer browsers, on most platforms except windows IE. The problem arrises when I call start_session w/in the class definition in my amfphp class.

for example:

class swf_db_interface
var $sess_data = array();
function swf_db_interface()
$this->methodTable = array
“get_segments” => array
(sessions = amfphp class = DOES NOT WORK IN WINDOWS IE

“description” => “Returns segments table”,
“access” => “remote”,
“arguments” => array(‘con_id’ , ‘code_sets_str’ ) /**/

#---- get session login info ----
session_start(); //NOTE: if this section is commented out
$this->sess_data = $_SESSION; // it works flawlessly in windows IE

As you can see, calling session_start() causes all remoting calls to fail in Windows IE.

Very strange.

Signed Desparate Clem