Set selected index

I would like to use the flistbox command “set selected index”, to “my current index +1.” I am performing this command to select a song automaticly after a song stops in a music player.

The code would look somthing like this:

mybox.setselectedindex (current index + 1)

Hope this helps Explain my question better.

plus… I answered to other questions about that… please do a search for the code you’re looking for and you will find them.

This is what I have so far:

screen.onSoundComplete = function() {
newitem = getScrollPosition;
getScrollPosition = getScrollPosition+1;

For some reasone the command does not happen the 1st time a sound completes. I have to select a sound a 2nd time before the code works.

Another problem is if I select a new item in my listbox with the arrow keys the “newitem = getscrollposition” seems to yield the wrong vaule.

screen.onSoundComplete = function() {


Thats a rap. Thanks for the hook up.

thanks for the great questions and answers, guys - this is some phat s*** - stuff:beam: