Set up/ Dynamic Text/ Lost Newbie

I am attempting my first advanced flash project and I can really use a little help…(actually a lot):wink: I am doing this to learn action script and flash, so please don’t think I am trying to get you guys to do work for me…I have already learned so much in the past few days, I just need help putting it all together. I would like to know if I am on the right track and I have some specific questions:


I want to create a draft program for fantasy league football that will be viewed on an external monitor by all of the participants. The program will have all of the “draftable” players. I want to be able to click on the player (or drag) and have that player show up in the participants picked box while deleting (or changing the properties) of the player.


  1. Should I use variables and arrays for all of the draftable players to accomplish this or would it be easier to just use combo boxes? Mind you that there are about 250 draftable players.

  2. Should I have a seperate mc for all of the draftable positions and all of the participants.

quarterbacks = newArray
line[0] = "1. Donovan Mcnabb";
line[1] = "2. Rich Gannon";

How do I get a hard return in the above sample?

  1. How do I dynamically put the picks in the participants draft box?

Any and all help, suggestions, hints are appreciated…and I thank you in advance.