Set variable + Load to Text box?

I have a button with instance name “MC1”.
When you press the button i want it to display the text “” into a text box.
Then when you click on it. It will take u to

The idea is that then i can have many buttons with different URL’s attatched to them. So user clicks button1 and it displays the URL for that button…

I have an idea that first you set the variable to be
on the button, then onPress you load it to the dyn textbox.
But not too sure how to do this.


You wanted to get the button pressed twice right ?
I’m not sure if you use Flash MX or Flash 5, but I’ll be explaining for Flash MX since I haven’t got any experience in Flash 5.

Ok, so the code for your button should be:
on (release){
url = “”;
if (_root.path.dynamictextbox == url){
} else {
_root.path.dynamictextbox = url;

It would be something like this I guess. I couldn’t test it 'cause I aun’t got Flash on this pc so there might be an error in it. Anyway, it’s worth a try :slight_smile:

There’s no need to crosspost :-\