Ok, i suk at AS, and i really need some help here. I searched the forum, without luck, so i just have to make my own post :smiley:

I have a MC, which i want to brighten. Of course i could animate it, but then i need to do it to all my MC’s (its kinda gonna be a gallery, with multiple pictures, each picture being a MC). So it thought a nice little AS would do it.

I know the funtion setRGB, but is there a similar, just for brightness? If so how to do it? And if your gonna write me an AS, could you please mix it with some nice easing function?

Thank you

There is no brightness adjustment as far as I know.

So the only way I know to achive that effect is to adjust the alpha so it isn’t as bright.
Or place a movie over the top of it and adjust its alpha.

I have seen posts here that adjust alpha with easing.

And placing a movie over the top of it is just a simple gotoandplay movie with a tween.

here the AS for the brightness u looking for …if u want me to included in yur mov u can post or send it to me in pm and i’ll see what i can do for u… good luck


MovieClip.prototype.brightOffset = function(alpha){
this.c = new Color(this.containerMC)
this.o = {rb:100,gb:100,bb:100}
this.up = true
this.onEnterFrame = function(){
if(this.containerMC._alpha < 100){
this.containerMC._alpha += 10
if(this.up == false){
this.o.rb -= 10 -= 10 -= 10
} else {
if(this.o.rb < 255){
this.o.rb *= 1.5 *= 3 *= 1.5
} else {
this.o = {rb:255,gb:255,bb:255}
this.up = false;
if(this.o.rb < 0){
this.o = {rb:0,gb:0,bb:0}
delete this.onEnterFrame;

Yes, i did that too, but it didnt work especially good. I made the borders around the small captions in PS, and i had a hard time making each layer on the top, fitting the caption under. No ideas how to make a ting with as?

Hehe, slipher, just saw your post. Ill just try it :stuck_out_tongue:

Ok, i just read through your AS, and it looks cool and all, but can you please write a usage too? Im’a noob…

also check under color

good safe senocular…cool link very informative

hey u want usability try this tread…