setChildIndex problems

Hey all,
I have a series of buttons that are calling in dynamic movie clips.
Here is a sample of 1 of those buttons

//Puts the movie clip on the stage
var resrV:scene1 = new scene1();
resrV.x = 41;
resrV.y = 309;

//reservation function
function reservations(event:MouseEvent):void
stage.setChildIndex(group,resrV + 1);

//sets moustEvent
reservationsBtn_mc.addEventListener(MouseEvent.MOUSE_UP, reservations);

What I want to do is, each time the button is clicked, it brings that movie clip to the front of the pile of movie clips that I loaded in dynamically.

I thought it was going to be done through setChildIndex, and maybe still is, but it doesn’t seem to be working for me. The setchildIndex look as though it’s only for 2 childs to swamp with each other, but all I want to do is bring one child to the front and play over top of the child that was there.

I hop this make sense.
Thanks for your help in advance!