setInterval doesn´t work at server

hello, I am making a scroll that depends on the “drag” position (drag is a movieclip) and, I did a setInterval to control the drag position in event on roll over…every things work ´perfectly at home, but when I put it on a server, the set interval is more slow, the interval that I am using is 1 milliseconds, but at server it seems 10 milliseconds…

what could it be??

this is the link to my page

to see the effect, click on “Fotos” and the pass the mouse over the fotos below…it should be faster then it is in fact

thank you all


I think it´s a server problem to refresh to my pc, because a friend told me that it´s normal…

first i did a slow one, made an Upload to server, then I saw that it was very slow then I changed the speed of the setInterval, and did a Upload Again…but in my PC its the old one…how is it at your homes?