Hey guys, I am posting this because I am having a ton of trouble with a script of mine. First of all, here is the code:

moveMe = function () {
	this.targx = Math.round(Math.random() * 550);
	this.dx = (this.targx - this._x)*.01;
	this._x += this.dx;
moveline.onEnterFrame = moveMe;

What I want to have happen is to use setInterval and have it wait for, say 2 seconds. However, when I use this, it doesn’t work at all.

setInterval = (moveMe, 2000);

I have tried many ways of writing this and putting it in different places, but still nothing. Could it be because I am using the onEnterFrame to execute the function?

I have looked around the forums for a long time to try to solve my problem, but I can’t find how to get setInterval to work with my script.

Thanks guys!

Are you trying to pause your timeline for x number of seconds? Or just a specific object?

Just the specific script. Right now, the ocject will randomly move, however it doesn’t reach its destination. It just wobbles back and forth because there isn’t any time to move before it picks a new random number and destination. I want to give it about two seconds to travel along before we repick the destination.


This doesn’t fix the problem, but I can see one error…

Set Interval looks like this…

setInterval(moveMe, 2000)

Yeah that’s what I had, I just wrote it wrong in the forum.


This is what I have so far

moveMe = function () {
	this.targx = Math.round(Math.random()*550);
	// trace(this.targx);
	this.dx = (this.targx-this._x)*.01;
	this._x += this.dx;
setInterval(function () {
	trace("2 seconds passed");
	moveline.onEnterFrame = moveMe;
}, 2000);

This first delays your clip 2 seconds, but then after that it does what it does in the first place. Getting there though.

Not sure how long I can work on this, but I will be for a little while.

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Hmmm Reverend, sorry about that. It is just a .swf though. When I have more itme I will change it.


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Thanks guys, for responding, =)

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Yeah I just finished watching the game. Dominant force! Hey, it seems this thread has gotten off track though a little, can anyone help me with my setInterval problem?


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Well, doesn’t Lost’s code work?

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You are right Lost, the clip is delayed for 2 seconds, and then it does the random motion that it usually does. I don’t really care about the delay in the beginning, if possible that shouldn’t do that. It should pick the destination, wait 2 seconds, and then repick another destination. (over and over again in this loop) I will work more on it tomorrow. Let me know if you find anything.