setTimeout and function perameter problems

I have used the setTimeout command within an enclosing function to call a second function. I need to pass one of the enclosing function’s parameters through the setTimeout to the second function as a parameter for that function.

It doesn’t seem to work to pass that parameter through the setTimeout(‘dofunction(parameter)’,time

My code is below. Any help or a better way to do this would be much appreciated.

----------- My code (used to set a variable in a flash movie. Has to use the timeout to give flash time to finish loading before the variable is sent) -------

function SendDataToFlashMovie(sayThis){ // Sends variable to flash movie
var flashMovie=getFlashMovieObject(“movieHeader”);
flashMovie.SetVariable("/:message", sayThis);
function linkRequest(header,content,mylocation){
var whereToGo = mylocation;
document.getElementById(‘flashTop2’).src = header;
document.getElementById(‘contentBottom2’).src = content;
alert (whereToGo); // alert works with location passed to function
// tried both mylocation and whereToGo here neither passes to other function. However, hard coding a parameter to pass works fine