Setting boundries for movieClips

I need some help learning how to keep track of my movieClips and set boundries for them once I add them to the stage. In the code below I can add movieClips to my stage add senoculars freeTransform movieClip prototype. I also trace which movieClip I am clicking on but I get stuck after this. I need to control the drag boundries.

I can set the boundries if I use a simple startDrag and stopDrag in my onPress and onRelease functions, but once the prototype is added I can’t use the onRelease function. How do I set the boundries in this case?

_global.count = 0;
_global.pX = 0;
_global.pY = 0;
function newPiece() {
 // create a movieclip to hold the functionality of the peice of furniture
 // keep all the furniture inside 1 clip (called 'pieceContainer') for organizational purposes
 // use this with this.drag
 // var item_mc:MovieClip = pieceContainer.createEmptyMovieClip("item_mc"+count, count, this.getNextHighestDepth());
 // use this with prototype
 var item_mc:MovieClip = pieceContainer.createEmptyMovieClip("item_mc"+count, this.getNextHighestDepth());
 // create a container to load the furniture swf into
 var container:MovieClip = item_mc.createEmptyMovieClip("container_mc", 0);
 // setup a MCL to handle the swf's loading 
 item_mc.mcl = new MovieClipLoader();
 item_mc.mcl.loadClip("decals/"+this.piece+".swf", container);
 //add value of width and depth to text box  
 item_w.text = j;
 item_h.text = k;
var mclListener_2:Object = new Object();
mclListener_2.onLoadInit = function(obj_mc:MovieClip) {
 // set variables to remember the original dimensions
 _global.axw = obj_mc._width;
 _global.axh = obj_mc._height;
 // center piece  
 obj_mc._y = -(axh/2);
 obj_mc._x = -(axw/2);
 pieceContainer._x = floor._x+(wide/2);
 pieceContainer._y = floor._y+(high/2);
 // set drag boundries 
 left = -(wide/2)+axw/2;
 top = -(high/2)+axh/2;
 right = (wide/2)-axw/2;
 bottom = (high/2)-axh/2;
 // set variable to note the starting positions
 var startX = obj_mc._x;
 var startY = obj_mc._y;
 trace("startX "+startX);
 trace("startY "+startY);
 obj_mc._parent.onPress = function() {
  //this.startDrag(false, left, top, right, bottom);
  //this.attachMovie("rotate_mc", "rotator", this.getNextHighestDepth(), {_x:25, _y:-50});
 obj_mc._parent.onRelease = function() {
  //delete this.onPress;