Setting RGB to be variable-name +50% white or 50% black? Josh's Gallery and such

Hi All, I believe this is my first post here, but I’ve been coming for some time, and I am now using the awesome modified gallery from 2210 media, Josh, as modified for multi galleries by Scotty/kalexand.

Now, I’ve done a bit of my own work (I am a design guy, not a progammer, just trying to get a cool site up for my Photography and I love Flash).

I’ve taken the image area and now it imports an SWF including the comments gallery from Flash-db.

I’ve been able to add a border around my image based on the following code, which steals the variable from the gallery movie, from the XML…

var my_color:Color = new Color(this.image_mc.frame_mc);

This is in the image/comments SWF that loads in via the Gallery from Josh, noted in the XML file.

What I’d like to know is, often the border should be not just the same (since it’s got a blur to soften the edges to fit with my site…I want a lot of ‘gaining/losing’ focus in the design, in the photographer’s sense), but also this mainColor variable from Josh should be a percentage lighter or darker than the BG colour as picked up in the XML, represented by “mainColor”.

Is it possible, per image, to take that line “my_color.setRGB(_root.mainColor);” and have it say mainColor + ‘add 50% white’ or mainColor + ‘add 50% black’ to the mix? In other word s, can I take the original value of mainColor, and make it equal, 50% darker, or 50% lighter depending on my choice (a boolean I’d suppose, true=dark, false=light, depending on the tonality/mood of the image)?

Or something like that… I’ve no idea how to manipulate colours as such…

For a peek, though I’m sorry if it gets moved as this is just my testing server, have a peek here if you would like. I’ve only coded the first image of the first gallery, until I got it all right, because that will act as a template and I can start populating the gallery.

I have to also find a 5-star rating system, if anyone knows where, the only one I know of is the one you need to purchase…which I will, was just hoping I could get some tweakable as I’m very much enjoying learning…

Thanks very kindly for any help, and very much I’ve appreciated this board…my gallery wouldn’t exist without you guys!!!