Setting tab-order

How do you change the tab-order of the components in your flash-movie?

Ive got four groups of radio-buttons, and a submit-button (only changes frame). But the submit-button has tab-order four, and the last radio-button group has tab-order five.

I wanna switch them…

Maybe this thread can help you out…

A bit too much hassle with code. The simpler the better is my philosophy, so i just deleted the button and repasted it - the tab-order was then in order :slight_smile:

Btw, ****, you got a great homepage! Especially like the way new pages are loade horisontally - great :slight_smile:

Thank you=)

Javascript and DHTML may be the biggest pain to learn (still learning DHTML because it is so much of a hassle), but when you get them, they are worth it:)