Setting up a series of transitions

Hi guys,

Im in the midst of putting together a flash project for a uni assignment and im stuck in the planning phase of my transitions. I have been using tween Manager and Robert Penner’s Easing Eqations to create some cool tweens but im just confused on how to create a series of effects or a ‘transition’ so to speak calling these functions (i.e. alphaTo, scaleTo etc…)… I mean at the momment im doing something like this

function myTransition(){
	header_mc.alphaTo(100, 5, "linear", 0, undefined);
	header_mc.slideTo(29.5, 18.5, 2, "easeOutElastic", 6, undefined);

Creating a container function, and calling the tween functions and incrementing the delay is the only method i can think of at the momment. Anyone got any ideas or other methods for running a series of Actionscripted transitions?? Even better does anyone have an example?
Surely im not the only person who has hit this brick wall before…

Any help muchly appreciated ! :slight_smile: