Setting values for movie clips in an array [renamed]

Hi everyone,

I have a question about adding vars along with movieclips placed in array.
So, that’s an example:

var Balloons:Array = new Array();

//then I create some ballons

for (i=0; i<=10; i++) {
   Balloons* = new BalloonAnimation;

   //and add them to stage

   //along with Balloons I need to add the position where it should fly to
   //so I make it this way
   Balloons*.flyToY = int;
   Balloons*.flyToY = 0;
   Balloons*.flyToX = int;
   Balloons*.flyToX = i*20;

   //start the animation

So the question, is it right to add the variables this way?
And i have a problem, when stopping the animation (gotoAndStop(Ballons*.currentFrame)) all the variable are gone, so I got a lot of errors after stopping it

Thanks for any reply:emb: