Setting Volume


I was wondering if anyone could tell me how I can lower the volume of a loaded sound. Any help would be great.

Thanks alot


Do you mean post production? Once you’ve created the swf, I don’t know how to accomplish that. If you’re still working in the fla, you can double click on the sound in your main timeline. That will bring up an editing function which will let you add effects like left to right sound panning. Play around with those settings… you can lower the sound volume there.

I mean when you load a .swf into your main .fla and the .swf is a sound movie is there a way that I can lower the volume of that loaded sound file or .swf.

hmm… I’ve never tried that. I think not, unless you have editing power, given by the origional producer of the peice, and then even, maybe not. I can almost say for certain that there is no way of doing that with a/s.

c’mon , of course you can!
setVolume and setPan, check the As dictionary!

on an imported swf without edit powers?

…either it´s protected and you can´t import it, or it´s not and then you can set Sound properties, that´s how i include sound, make the swf with just the sound in it, make a few of these (not import-protected of course), and then provide buttons in the main movie for different sounds which load these swf´s. You can control all you want in there, just need the correct path…

ahh… well me bad. I can’t be expected to know it all, or be correct all the time. :slight_smile:
thanks for the info Eyezberg