Setting webpage background using custom theme?

I created a custom theme from the blank theme. I made some customizations including changing the background color. Saved etc.
I then created a new webpage from the template one-body-with-sidebar.
I then apply my custom theme from the format drop-down.
My customizations for the font changes are applied however the changed backgrounf color from the theme is not.
Any ideas?
Thanks --Pete.

Hey Pete,
I re-created a similar scenario on my PC, and I was able to get the background color to display. When you modify your theme, did you specify the background color from the Colors button after pressing the Modify button?

When applying your theme to your blank template, make sure you uncheck the box for “Use Background Image” from the Modify Theme window. That should ensure that a background image does not override the color you specified. By default, the “Use Background Image” box is checked, and if you don’t uncheck that box, the colors of your theme will not be visible.