Sfw file not showing up on html file


I created a flash movie, and it when I embed it in to html it works fine if it is in the same directory as the html file, but I am now trying to embed it into a different html file thats 1 folder up and it just shows me a white space instead of the flash movie.

The flash is currently in /flash/img.swf

the flash embed in this movie works great : /flash/index.html this is the public_html/flash folder.

I should properly also add that the swf file is pulling some images through an xml file and all files including swf, xml and all images files are located in the /flash folder.

but I am trying to use the same swf file in this file : index.html <— one folder up from flash, this is the public_html folder.

Oh and also the swf is pulling some images from the xml file.

all files incl. swf, xml and all images are located in /flash folder

any advise is greatly appreciated.

Thank you,