I once read a tutorial on how to make shadows on images quite easily where you make a copy of the outline, and shift it to one side, then paint inbetween the copy and the orignal outline using a darker colour. If you keep the coppied outline highlighted the whole time, it can easily be deleted after you have finished and you end up with a darker shade on one side of the object.

Now ive not done it for a bit, but im new to Flash 8 and im sure its acting a bit different. When you keep the outline highlighted and move the copy to one side, when deleting it after you have finished, it automatically cuts out the image from behind. Im sure this wasn’t the case when I used MX because I know I used to be ok with this and had no problems. I tried to use seperate layers for the copy, but it doesnt work either. So im either missing something obvious, or something has changed.

Any help would be appreciated.