Shake browser window

Hi all,

Newbie here using FlashMX. Hopefully someone can shed some light for me. I have an “infoMC” within my main .swf which holds the text info and graphics for each subsection of my site.

At one point, I have two doors slamming shut and I want to use the shake browser javascript function when they close together.

I originally saw the tutorial on, by Mark Fennell, who describes the function well. I used the code he provided, placed this in my html file generated by Flash and on a button or link, it works fine.

If using a button, I am able to do this without a problem, however, when I use a frame action and use the “get URL (javascript:shake_xy(3);”); it does not work. I have searched many flash tutorial sites and cannot find anything which helps me.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to shake the browser window from within Flash?? I assume I use the same js code within my html file? Do I need an “enterFrame” action or will “Get URL” be enough?

thanks for your help!! dave.