Shared library creating programs?


I’m pretty tired of the Flash IDE, I think flex has too much extraneous crap in it but I still believe in actionsript and the flash runtime.

So I’ve decided to at least have a fallback option outside of cs4 for all further projects by using a shared library (IE, my graphics in a separate swf)

So, what are some programs that would allow me to do this? Preferrably something that can take illustrator files. Anything thats going to let me package graphics for as3/flash 9+ use is helpful

I looked at swfmill, but does it function with as3? I couldn’t figure this out, it looks like it was last updated in 2005 and the tutorial was still talking about attachmovie (which is deprecated)

A program like this would be useful for new versions of HaXe as well.

Having everything you’re developing thrown in a single .fla is awful for a lot of reasons. Suggestions/discussion anyone?

Note I put this in the actionscript forum because it doesn’t really fit in the cs4/3 forums either. Using shared libraries are a nice actionscript technique so I put it here