Shared library font stopped working

Not sure if this is normal or not, but after adding a second font to my shared library (and importing it into my main fla for embedding), the first font quit working in the swf at runtime.

Just to double check, I looked at the dynamic text field set to use the first font and sure enough its font field was set to the correct font. You ***can ***embed shared fonts, right?

I am still not sure why, but the original shared library swf (with one font) works fine, but is broken when an additional font is added to the fla and the swf is published again. I’m afraid my only recourse at this point is to leave the original sharedlibrary.fla/swf alone and create another shared library for the new font.

If someone is reading this and knows what is going on, please let me know - in exporting each front in the sharedlibrary.fla, I followed the same procedure for each so logically adding an additional font should not mess things up.