Shared Object - save in floppy disk

As far as i know, shared object is use to store data locally (like cookies) in our machine…

But, i have one BIG question. My boss asked me to create one application using Flash MX that can allow users to store the data locally and in Floppy disk.

The scenario is like this, we got one e-learning project for ministry of education (for Year 2 Students). What we have to do is, to create quiz application which can be viewed through a CD. The student will answer the questions and they have an option whether save their data and answers locally in the machine (where they sit for the quiz) or save all the data and answers in Floppy disk and submit to their teacher.

My BIG problem is…is it Flash give us capability to create an application which can allow us to save our data in Floppy disk? I have solved one part - save locally in the machine using shared object but i have no idea to resolve another option (save in floppy disk). Please HELP ME…

Flash cannot write to a file outside the SharedObject without the use of another application or a backend scripting language.

One of the best solutions, assuming your e-learning website has some backend language support (php, cgi, etc) is to loop through the SharedObject data and submit it to your e-learning website for grading.

Example, here are two drawing tools, both use the same basic scripting, but one stores to the SharedObject to allow the user to cut and paste between 10 drawings locally, the other submits to my server for conversion to JPG/PNG/SWF formats. Even the SharedObject example can submit, though I currently have that feature disabled to lessen my server’s load.

PadFast (uses SharedObject)
SWFDrawing2JPEG (submits to PHP backend)