Shared Object Troubles

I’m trying to setup a situation in my comic where the user chooses one of two options, to side either with goblins or a dwarf. I would like to set it so that if the user chooses the goblins, it updates a shared object that keeps that choice saved on the computer for the next time they watch the movie so it skips the asking process. I’ve tried everything I can think of to get them to work, and the choice will replay if you are in the movie, but once you close it, the choice is not saved.

The .fla file can be found at, the initial set up is in Scene 0, Layer “Masking”, Frame 0. The button code is in Scene 2, Layer GLeft and Gright, Frame 459. The replay code that checks the variable can be found in Scene 2, Layer “Masking”, Frame 416. The variable for the choice is “gob”, gob==1 is for goblins, gob==2 is for dwarf.

I normally don’t post on forums like this, but I’ve been trying to solve this for a couple of hours now, and it’s startin’ to drive me crazy! Thanks for any and all help you can offer.

Here, also, is the AS I am using in the above mentioned places:

Scene 0, Layer “Masking”, Frame 0.:
myLocal_so = SharedObject.getLocal(“rockcookie”);
if ( == undefined ) {
var gob=0;
} else {
gob =;

On one of the buttons, Scene 2, Layer GLeft and Gright, Frame 459:
on (release) {
var gob=2; = 2;
gotoAndPlay(“Scene 2.8”, 1);
Again, any help is most appreciated.