Shared object

I made a left bar, that goes to show some products, probably this bar it go to appear in almost all the pages, but I want that it only shows the animation of the products and the prices and texts an only time, if the person to be sailing in the site this lateral bar, is stop always in the last frame.
I tried to make a project, that I read in help, but I did not give here certain.
I placed in 1º frame

// Get the kookie
var gravar_so:SharedObject = SharedObject.getLocal ("kookie");
// Get the user of the kookie and go to the frame number saved for this user.
if ( != undefined) {
	this.user =;
	this.gotoAndStop (;

I placed in each frame of the animation

// On each frame, call the rememberme function to save the frame number.
function rememberme() {;"John";

Somebody know as I can decide this problem?
Sorry about my English