SharedObjects + variables question

Hi guys, first post here so “Howdy all!” :slight_smile:

Just got a quickie, wondering if someone could let me know how likely this is to happen:

I just stared delving into arrays and sharedObjects and I would like to be able to add array data to a sharedObject file (which i got working) BUT I would like to add it to an attribute based on a number variable i declare elsewhere in my script. I’ll try to explain:

[num_items] is a numerical variable i have declared elsewhere
[lib_so] is my sharedObject
[new_array] is my array data

so i’d like to add it kinda like this:[num_items] = new_array;

where [num_items] is eg. 5 or whatever (the num_items is increased in the same function and so the next set of data is added under 6 and so on).

Is this possible? Any help appreciated

Thanks, Mike

Edit: This is in Flash8 btw :slight_smile: